Materials consulting

Our materials competence is an important milestone in our success.

Praxis-oriented materials knowledge

Our material data collection comprises more than500 different steels and non-ferrous materials. We update this data continuously and integrate our knowledge in the third software generation of the MatILDa database. It is used by many of our customers to support online process models or as a database for FEM simulation. The Matilda database provides a solid base for predicting the material behavior and properties. On the basis of MatILDa an extensive program package for microstructure simulation and property calculation has been developed. With the aid of the technology editor, it is possible to reproduce any production technology and process chain as well as perform both online and offline microstructure simulations. Thus, we have the possibility to provide short-term and easily programmable customized models, i.e. microstructure models that correspond to the used customers’ process routes. Moreover, we can perform microstructure simulations under variation of e.g. the temperature profile and the forming regime.