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Material Information Link and Database Service
The next dimension:
MatILDa structure simulation
The increased expectation:
MatILDa - Material database
For a realistic simulation of remodelling processes the provisioning of reliable material data is a basic prerequisite. In order to make these prerequisites available the program packet of MatILDa was developed. 
The program serves as a simulation of materials and their physical and mechanical characteristics based on existing materials whose characteristics can be modified. Additionally, MatILDa enables you to create completely new materials.

The program MatILDa is based on the data of existing materials. The data have been derived from own empirical research as well as from the relevant literature. The used literature is referenced in the program.


The simulation makes it possible to alter and to modify the records of the database in order to give the simulated materials certain desired characteristics. These artificially generated materials can then be filed in the database and utilized as a basis for further variations of the material.

The basic package for the simulation with the finite-elements-program contains the following material information for preprocessing purposes:

  • Chemical composition
  • Warmth physical details
  • Stress strain curve data

The advanced version contains in addition:

  • Structure data

The basic version provides:

  • ZTU diagrams

for selected materials. 
ZTU diagrams are also available for the postprocessing in the advanced version.

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